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10 June 2008 @ 09:50 pm
I'm 33 and not married...WAH!  
I love to mope about this. I indulge in self-pity on this subject. I also know wayyy to many women my age who are also unmarried. It's soooo depressing! My hero, Bono of U2, loves to rant and rave about the "emergency" (the AIDS epidemic in Africa) but I love to do my own ranting and raving about the bigger issue, the fact that there wouldn't BE a problem in Africa (or in the rest of the goddamn world) if today's men would just stand up and BE MEN and take back their god given responsibility which is to be husbands, fathers and providers of the traditional family. That's the true epidemic here, people! That's the emergency!
Ok, so I just read this story on Yahoo News  
Bad enough the man is 43 and never married but that he managed to find a woman to actually say "I do"! She's that desperate. What I want to know is: Where's all the feminist outrage? I say: "Girlfren' you can TOTALLY do better for yerself!" Suddenly my single, never married/never been asked, lot in life doesn't seem so bad.
When fretted by this single life which seems to be my lot
I think of all the
many men whose wife I'm glad I'm not!
quite appropriate, eh? I can't take credit for that little rhyme though. I read it somewhere and always loved it. 
But, to end on a positive note, I did witness something today that proves that there is hope for this sick, crazy world in which we live.
I was in the kitchen, preparing my usual "dinner for one" this evening when I heard outside my kitchen window the shouting and laughing of young children, two backyards over as well as an older deeper voice. I peeked out and saw a grown man running and chasing the squealing kids all around his backyard in play. This warmed my heart. "Imagine that," I thought to myself, "there are still dads in this world who play with their kids!" With Father's Day approaching, this seemed quite appropriate.