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24 March 2008 @ 02:18 pm
Ok here it is, my recap of #78! I noticed no one had done this one yet and since I happen to own it, I thought I'd take the liberty and tackle it...hope no one minds!

Cover Photo #78 

18 February 2008 @ 01:43 pm
For all SVT trivia buffs: the first five original SVT books had these small black and white photos printed on the inside front cover, (this is from book #5) showing the subsequent Sweet Valley Twins covers just in case the reader had missed purchasing them. I held on to all my original Sweet Valley Twins copies with these inside photo covers in case they might be worth something someday (or for showing off on an internet web page that wouldn't be invented for about 20 years) I'm really dating myself here aren't I?

Cover: The scene is the SVMS gymnasium. Elizabeth is biting her fingernail in worry over her best friend (why does Amy always look like an android on these SVT covers? You know, so…not-human-like?) while Amy looks dull and drab as usual yet the fact she's wearing JEANS to a cheerleading tryout leaves something to ponder. In this series, Amy was always described as having "straw-colored hair" but here it's almost a reddish brown! We know her hair was blonde in SVH. L'oreal anyone?

10 February 2008 @ 08:57 pm
Copyright 1989
According to the inside cover list #30 Princess Elizabeth is the last book listed, therefore this Special Edition came out between SVT books #30 and #31. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, I quit buying these after #28! Really, what was I thinking?!! Sweet Valley Twins is still most exciting series EVER!!
04 January 2008 @ 04:24 pm
I haven’t read this in years and it was great nostalgia!
In this very first SVT Super Edition Elizabeth teaches us that it's possible to have an Alice in Wonderland-type experience without the aid of LSD.
FYI: This super edition was first printed after SVT #19 The Bully. This is what is says at the very end
Join Jessica and Elizabeth for an exciting adventure in Sweet Valley Twins Super Edition #1 The Class Trip.

Who ARE these people?
Our story begins as Jessica bounces onto her twin’s bed bright and early to remind her mirror image that it’s the day of the class trip! How could we have forgotten? Elizabeth is wide awake now and reaching for her robe. The class trip is to take place at a Disneyland-type amusement park called The Enchanted Forest which is described as “One of the biggest amusement parks on the West Coast.”
What will Jessica wear? She hurries to call her best friend Lila Fowler to consult on the perfect Enchanted Forest outfit. We get a few quick lines about the silly, at least in Elizabeth’s opinion, Unicorn Club. Liz has decided on her white jeans and blue top as her Enchanted Forest outfit while Jessica arrives at breakfast in her green jumpsuit but her hair is not yet combed. Thumbs down to the artist who drew everyone in Sweet Valley wearing blue jeans.


22 December 2007 @ 02:12 pm
SVT #5 Sneaking Out
 This is my first recap. The only book where I can totally sympathize with Jessica. My parents never forbade me any rock concerts, but I proudly admit that I've been as obsessed with U2's Bono as Jessica is with Johnny Buck, although I have never kissed Bono's picture goodnight...no REALLY... I NEVER HAVE...!!


Here's the cover:

Jessica, her hair loose and flowing, is clad in jeans, some kind of (purple?) top and jean jacket, shouldering a large bag with a green and white striped cap sticking out which is pivitol to the story. She’s glancing nervously over her shoulder as she ascends the two porch steps of Casa Wakefield, and we must assume she really is "Sneaking Out"! Sitting on the porch is a reddish brown cocker spaniel looking forelornly at the retreating twin. You're probably wondering "Where in the world could Jessica be "Sneaking Out" to?" Read on! And keep your eyes peeled for the artist's mistake!
The opening scene is outside the SVMS gym where blue-green eyed Jessica wearing sandals, a sunny smile and apparently nothing else, spots her identical twin sister and calls her over. Extra points to the ghostwriter sparing us the same mundane paragraphs we’re forced to plod through about Jessica and Elizabeth looking the same but are like SOOO totally different.

We have a lame “What’s the scoop?” line from
Elizabeth and this story line is off and running. Johnny Buck aka “The Buck”  (that is, like, soooo creative!) is coming to SweetValley, OMG! Everyone wants tickets to his concert even cute Bruce Patman who has already beaten everyone to the punch waving two newly purchased  front row tickets in front of everyone. We learn this event is only half sold out (only HALF sold out? Justin Timberlake tickets sell out in less than 10 minutes!) and these golden tickets only cost a whopping $25 apiece (WTF? I paid scalper prices for U2 tickets! $164!)  therefore in SweetValley currency this requires very deep pockets so not just anyone can go to a Johnny Buck concert!  He's “The Buck” whose blond curls fall so sexy over his eyes and Jessica and Elizabeth are his biggest fans. Jessica even gets and I quote: 
a soft wonderful feeling when I kiss his poster goodnight
A little too much info there, Jess.
So last year, when the twins were still in diapers and their parents were too uncool to allow them to stay up late and go see Johnny Buck, they stalked the famous singer to his hotel and when he finally appeared at the rear door, wearing a green and white striped cap, to sign autographs to his one million fans in SV he smiled right at Jessica but tossed his precious striped cap to…ELIZABETH! 

Now considering the twins had been forced way back into the street and this guy was standing at the door of the hotel he must be quite the athlete to be able to chuck a cap that far to land right at Liz and Jessica’s feet!  Liz makes a mad dash for the cap, (too bad the crazy mob of fans didn't tackle her for it, that would've been awesome!) and she is “the luckiest girl alive”! Her 15 seconds of fame are, unfortunetly, short lived as Jessica B. snatches the hat right out of her dear sister’s hands. 
So, instead of a good hair pulling catfight over the true owner of the cap, St. Elizabeth allows Jess to keep it and now the precious souvenir has been sitting in Jessica’s room, beside her stereo, ever since.
Remember this striped cap story, folks.

Now, one year later the twins are in middle school and are practically grown ups and so very more mature now that Jessica is convinced their parents will simply have to let them go. So Very More Mature Elizabeth resolves herself for disappointment, Ned and Alice will probably NOT let them go this year either. Meanwhile Jessica is already picturing herself riding off with Johnny into the sunset! See, Jessica has already written to her idol, in purple of course, and told him all about the cap incident, described herself, the Unicorns who have all "Sworn eternal devotion to Johnny", even offered him membership in the Unicorn Club! Awesome! How could a freakin rich and famous rock star NOT be thrilled to recieve such a letter? Jess is convinced this will land her tête-à-tête with the famous singer. 

I think these sexual fantasies are WAY more than just a case of harmless crush/infatuation with a rock star. Jessica and her friends need help. Elizabeth, the sane one, says it will be a miracle if Jessica can actually get this famous singer (who may be only a few years older than the twins but is just dripping in sophistication) to join a “girls’ club”. Sorry, I have to go with
Elizabeth on that one.

The twins have been walking home from school during this reminiscing and enter the house to find Steven raiding the fridge as usual and boasting about his own upcoming date to, what else? The Buck concert! Gee, a high school freshman boy, taking a girl out...on a date? At 14? To a rock concert? Only in
Mrs. Wakefield and Steven rub more salt to the twins wounds announcing yes, they are STILL too young to go see "The Buck." What, was there a mosh pit at the concert last year? A rave? Why can't they go?

Jessica puts on her best tearful, dramatic campaign but Mom and Dad are resolute. The answer is still “No!” Four minute head start into the world
Elizabeth finds her own closure and resolves to work hard in order to earn their parents trust and wait for next year’s Buck concert. Elizabeth you are boring as hell, you know that don’t  you? Jessica calls her a goody two shoes. Ouch. 

Luckily this book doesn’t end after only eleven pages and Jessica is already scheming to find a way to go to this concert of the century. Go Jess! 
Unfortunately, she has no money, spent it all on a new blouse. The concert is just ONE WEEK AWAY. 
(For the record, I bought my U2 tickets nine months in advance and dreamed of Bono every night until then...)

Flash forwad four days later. Jessica’s only brilliant money making idea is to pawn her new purple blouse off on Elizabeth’s gullible best friend Amy Sutton but Elizabeth quickly stops Amy from wasting her money when she finds her in Jessica’s room practically drowning in Jessica's blouse which is a few sizes too big for her. This doesn’t make much sense. Is Amy so petite she doesn’t wear the same size clothes as her classmates or did Jessica suddenly grow enormous bosoms at twelve years old? 
Jessica is still zero dollars closer to Johnny Buck.

The answer to Jessica’s prayers comes when she spots a sign written on blue notepaper in elegant handwriting on the bulletin board at the local ice cream shop. Here is the word for word note on which all of Jessica’s hopes were "pinned."
Needed for three days: Dog-sitter to provide loving, tender care for well behaved pet. $25 call C. Bramble 555-9721.
What has Jessica gotten herself into? As Elizabeth reminds her, Jessica doesn’t just hate dogs she’s terrified of them! Jessica has agreed to meet Mrs. Bramble and her dog tomorrow after school but the twins have a ballet lesson at that time.  I include this next part of twin bonding because I think its quite funny: Jessica tells Elizabeth to give her excuses to Madame Andre since she is now a working girl, 
“...tell her I drowned in the ocean with my toes pointed all the way down.” Jessica clutched her throat and fell heavily to the floor.
Elizabeth plays along “I’m sorry, Madame, my sister won’t be joining us today but I’m proud to tell you that her last words were, ‘Shoulders back, Stomach in’. 
Steven finds them collapsed in heap on the bedroom floor crying tears of mirth to inform them they are “definitely weird”.

The next morning a still naïve Steven overhears
Elizabeth giving tips to a nervous Jessica about approaching a strange dog, 
“hold your hand out so he can lick it before you try to scratch his ears.” 
Steven assumes she’s talking about the best way to approach a 6th grade boy! Gives some big brotherly advice, ‘that’s no way to get a boyfriend’  LOL!

After school Jessica heroically confronts the sweet, grandmotherly Mrs. Bramble and her fat snoring dog who turns out be a perfectly harmless cocker spaniel (oh drat, I was hoping for a rottweiler). Lying through her perfect teeth Jessica gushes about how much she simply *cough* adores dogs and so does the entire
Wakefield family! Mrs. Bramble, who hadn't planned on letting a young child care for her beloved pet whose name is Sally (Sally? You mean that thing has a NAME?) falls for Jessica's acadamy award winning performance. Jessica agrees to walk Sally twice a day and feed her and play with her and hug her (HUG HER!!! Oh the HORROR!) and give a her a good home over at Casa Wakefield while Mrs. B is gone. Oh, and did she mention she’s going to use the $25 to buy her dear mother a birthday present? So, 'HAND IT OVER LADY! *ahem* I mean ,I need the money NOW. Please?'

Jessica will apparently do anything, even face her own dog phobia, for her idol, Johnny Buck. Jessica the actress strokes Sally and forces herself to enjoy the dog's presence and when Mrs. Bramble agrees to giving Jessica the $25 payment in advance she is rewarded with a brillant dimpled smile.

The next day at school Jessica one ups Janet Howell's ‘I’m going to the Johnny Buck concert with my brother’s roomate from San Fransisco’ and tells her Unicorn buddies that instead of getting a ride to the concert in the Buck’s private jet, she’s got a hot date with him right after the concert because it was her, JESSICA, who caught Johnny Buck's cap one year ago! Come on, everybody sing: "Cause I've got a golden ticket! I've got a golden twinkle in my eye!" 
All the Unicorns think Jessica is amazing because she wrote to Johnny and offered him membership in their exclusive club AND they're having a secret affair! All the unicorns that is, except
El Capitan. I have to give Janet some credit for not even taking the idea of Jessica inviting Johnny Buck to join the unicorns seriously, like Liz she's also doubtful about Johnny taking Jess's invite seriously. I'm impressed.

Best friend Lila Fowler generously helps Jessica in her plan to sneak out and attend the concert behind her parents’ back by offering her a ride and Jessica can even spend the night at her house, a perfect cover up! The bell rings and all dash off to their classes.

Liz is suspicious; anyone who sits through sentence diagramming in English with a wide dreamy smile on her face has got to be up to something. At luchtime a puzzled
Elizabeth watches her twin devour her least favorite cafeteria meal without complaint. Turns out Jessica and Lila are buying their concert tickets today after school so could ELizabeth PLEASE not blab to Ned and Alice that she's going to forbidden rock concert anyway? She tries to bribe her twin with butterscotch pudding to keep mum but Elizabeth tells her try again when they’re serving chocolate. Very wise, Liz. Of course saint Elizabeth is not a tattle tale and agrees to keep Jessica's secret.

Saint Elizabeth even accompanies Jessica over to Mrs. Bramble’s to pick up their charge for the weekend. The old lady is delighted to find identical twins standing on her doorstep. Jessica almost freaks out around Sally; it’s a real struggle to keep up her “I heart dogs” act in front of Mrs. B a second time. (Gasp) Liz actually LIES for Jessica by helping her fake a stubbed toe in front of Mrs. B so paranoid Jess won’t get stuck holding Sally’s leash. Mrs. B, naturally,  doesn’t suspect a thing.

The family, minus Liz, are all thick over Jessica suddenly "overcoming" her fear of dogs! They all bend over backwards and turn it into a real
Wakefield project by pitching in and welcoming the cocker spaniel into their happy home. Jessica can’t believe how stupid they all are to have fallen for her act. Ok she doesn’t think that but now that she’s behind closed doors Jessica can let her true colors show by treating Sally as if she has the plague. All other Wakefields, like we didn't see this coming, does all the work and not just Elizabeth, Steven jumps at the chance to walk the dog and Jessica uses her sociopathic powers to get Liz to care for Sally whenever possible.

At school everyone is still fawning over Jessica because she now has her own Johnny Buck concert ticket. Even Janet has suddenly had a change of heart. Since Jessica bought an actual ticket and is really GOING to the concert now…well anyone can see a special autograph from Johnny Buck to Jessica Wakefield is inevitable at this point! Even Bruce Patman has heard this Jessica + Johnny rumor and wants in on getting to meet Johnny too. Bruce turns on his charm and sets it up with Jessica to meet him during the concert for a Coke. 
Why Bruce is wearing a football jersey that’s too big for him in this scene is beyond me. Why Jessica accepts a date from this future rapist is also beyond me but she thinks he looks cute anyway in the jersey and is so happy to be the center of attention walking alongside her crush (second to Johnny of course!) everything is going according to her plan and she’s on cloud nine! 

Yes, I too hoped Bono might pull me up on stage at the U2 concert even though I had no souviniers from him, clothing items, underwear, ect. and I WAS his biggest fan amidst all my friends but my friends and I were all realistic about it, and nobody was fawning all over ME!! Oh, I forgot, this is
SweetValley. Let's continue...

It’s Saturday, the morning of the concert! Jessica is dreaming of the autograph Johnny will sign on her cap, ‘yours always’ or ‘with all my love’, and she knows no matter what he writes she’ll never wash that cap again! Ewww. (A very dull dream, I’d be dreaming of whole lot more than just an autograph from Bono!)
Her dreams of meeting Johnny are interrupted by an anxious Sally ready for her morning walk and none of the other Sally-loving Wakefields are home so for once Jessica is stuck doing a chore! Despite putting up with all the “Cute doggie” comments from all the neighbors Jessica is surprised to meet a tall girl her own age described as perfectly groomed with a ‘straight skirt, stockings and a pretty quilted jacket’ very posh. We’ll learn about this girl later (See SVT #6 recap The New Girl) the important thing to note here is that it’s OK for Jessica to hate dogs but no one else in Sweet Valley can or they will be labeled as “unpleasant.”
 Jessica thinks positive thoughts about Johnny Buck (find a happy place) and the wonderful concert she’ll soon be attending as soon as this terrible dog walking ordeal is over. When Lila calls Jessica (Hurry up, Jess, we gotta go!) Jessica cannot wait any longer for Mrs. Bramble to come relieve her of her charge plus she’s about to attend the biggest concert of the century and she doesn’t have a thing to wear! What will Jessica do? She packs Elizabeth’s new dress of course! The pale beige one with a scoop neck and raspberry jacket hmmm seems a little overdressed for a rock concert especially with the leather shoes. I’d totally wear the huge gold hoops though (the hoops are Liz’s B-day present for their Mom next month) But Dunt Dunt DUM! Mrs. Bramble phones and says she’ll be late getting back from her trip. This means Jessica will have to stay there at the Wakefield residence with Sally and (gasp!) miss the concert! Oh noes! After hanging up Jessica does what any twelve year old would do, throws herself on her bed and cries as if her heart would break. But not for long, NOTHING not rain nor snow nor sleet nor “dogs in the night” :p will keep Jessica from seeing Johnny Buck and for what she’s had to put up with selfish Jessica feels she’s already earned every penny! It is now 2:30 in the afternoon and the concert is scheduled to begin in an hour and a half. That’s 4:00 pm PST. Wait a minute. What rock concert, that none of the parents of SweetValley won’t let anyone attend, starts at this insanely early hour anyway? 

Jessica packs her overnight bag, ties poor Sally to the pine tree in the backyard, leaves a short note for her sister and is off to see the Buck. This is NOT in keeping with the cover art as Sally is shown being left behind by Jessica on the front porch!

arrives home to find Sally gone and begins a frantic search to find her before her parents and Mrs. B return. She tries calling Lila but the line is busy, and since this is before the era of cell phones, she walks over to the Fowler mansion instead. She learns Lila and Jessica are long gone to the concert and will not return until 8:30. That's 8:30PM! The ghostwriter has given them only four and half hours to attend this rock show. Obviously this ghostwriter has never attended a rock concert! 8:30pm I’m still AT the concert waiting for the opening band to finish and the main act to come on and I NEVER get home until midnight at the latest what with parking and traffic and all. Is a Johnny Buck rock concert in SweetValley just small potatoes?
Not to be discouraged by her twin's latest adventure good old 
Elizabeth enlists Amy to help cover for Jessica and together they comb the neighborhood looking for the lost spaniel.

Meanwhile at the concert venue Lila and Jessica are in the nosebleed section. How come Bruce got front row tickets but Lila who is just as rich had to settle for last row? This concert really sucks, despite the laser show, the girls are stuck in what has to be the worst seats. From where they’re sitting Johnny and his band are the size of ants, the sound is so terrible at this outdoor concert Jessica can hardly hear the fast, funny romp of “Saturday Blues”. Usually a rock concert at an outdoor venue sounds great no matter where you’re sitting but she and Lila gush anyway over how great Johnny sounds imagining his sweet, dreamy voice is singing just for them...until Johnny’s mic goes out! Ha! (Snark!) The crowd isn’t very happy about this especially a lady behind the girls who spews forth a string of swearwords shocking everyone into stunned silence. Horrors! Apparently such language just isn’t spoken in
SweetValley. For $25 they really got their money’s worth didn't they? 
Jessica suddenly remembers her purpose for coming to the concert, so they can get Johnny’s autograph! Lila refuses, not wanting to venture out into the enourmous crowd by themselves and she has a point, there are rapists and murderers out there, they could be killed. But Jessica, blinded by all except her glittering fantasy of meeting Johnny Buck ventures off all by herself.
 By now Johnny’s microphone has been fixed and everyone is on their feet, enjoying the music, having a great time. Struggling through the mob all alone Jessica wonders if she should’ve just stayed with Lila but it’s too late now she can’t see her for the crowd. Suddenly intermission comes. (Intermission at a rock concert?) The crowd is even thicker near the stage but hey, there’s Bruce Patman ready to make good on his Coke date with Jessica and they head for the yellow refreshment tents but before he has time to treat Jessica, Johnny and his band are suddenly back on stage playing Bruce’s all time favorite song “Forever Fever” which is enough to make Bruce forget all about Jessica’s famous connections and that refreshing beverage. He leaves her *gives Bruce the finger* and heads back to his seat but Jessica is determined to forge onward toward her goal of Johnny and that coveted autograph so she’ll be the envy of all in Sweet Valley. Stupid Jessica! She should just enjoy the concert. 
Alone again Jessica notices something strange, a redhead is clutching an identical striped cap just like Jessica’s! Huh? Then, what should she see and hear but another group of girls chanting a lame cheer to Johnny ‘We love you Johnny, we love your style, you’ve got them all beat by a mile.” it sounds like a crappy Boosters cheer but more importanatly why are all THREE girls holding THREE striped caps? Weird. 
As Jessica passes more and more fans she realizes at least fifty fans are holding and waving at least fifty identical striped caps Just! Like! Hers! (You monkeys you, you give me back my caps!) Jessica’s blood begins to boil. What, did he just give out caps like peanuts? Yes, dear Jessica, your beloved Johnny handed out fifty striped caps to fifty fans and your precious memento makes fifty-one! Nah nah! 
“That phony!” is the worst thought Jessica can muster about her favorite singer. Take that Johnny! She’s now reached the stage apron and the concert is coming to an end but Johnny, without even a glance in Jessica direction, simply bows and runs off stage surrounded by bodyguards and a small man takes his place to hand out free photographs of the young singer, probably to make up for the technical difficulties earlier. The crowd now pushing so hard poor overdressed Jessica in her borrowed garb losses her footing and falls to the wet grass. (Guess there really WAS a mosh pit after all) Her perfect evening now completely ruined she buries her face in her hands and begins to cry. Photo/publicity man spots her, gets the crowd to help her to her feet and she’s presented with one of the photos signed, as the little man assures, just for her 'by the Buck himself.' It reads “Keep on Rocking-from your friend Johnny Buck.” Yuck! 
My thoughts exactly. 

Realizing meeting the handsome rock idol and her dream of getting the precious cap personally autographed is now gone Jessica meets up with Janet, Lila and her ride home. Any adoration for Jessica from her friends is now completely gone, vanished and she gets no sympathy as they all sneer at her “So, did you meet Johnny?” and they LAUGH at Jessica’s “signed photograph” because Janet bought one just like it at the refreshment tent! A little wiser Jessica vows to wait until she’s 21 before she attends another rock concert. I didn't get to meet Bono either at the U2 concert so I admit, I sorta feel sorry for Jessica here.

Meanwhile Elizabeth has been stalling and lying and covering up for her sister to Mrs. Wakefield and Mrs. Bramble while they all continue the search for the lost dog. Dear Mrs. Bramble even brought a small wrapped gift for Jessica to make up for her tardiness.
Elizabeth feels worse and worse until she has an epiphany. Sally probably went home! She hopes this will buy enough time until “her adventurous twin” returns. Sure enough they find, lying in the middle of Mrs. Bramble’s front room a contented Sally safe and sound at home courtesy of her doggie door. Mystery solved! Mrs. Wakefeild is insistent Jessica apologize in person for her carelessness- rushing off to spend the night at a friend’s house instead of finishing the job, and, she declares, Jessica will return every deceitfully earned penny back to Mrs. B. Oops! Since Elizabeth knows the truth, she volunteers to be the one to inform Jessica of this as they pull up to the Fowler driveway. 

Elizabeth’s sympathy for what awaits her sister vanishes when Jessica answers the door (the Butler must still be at the concert) wearing Liz's dress and shoes now covered with grass stains and only one gold hoop earring!
Elizabeth wants to strangle her! Flaky Jessica is just relieved that Elizabeth didn’t tell on her about the forbidden concert until Liz drops the bomb about the money she must return which is of course long gone “Don’t you have some money you could lend me?” Jessica begs “You know I don’t, you’re wearing the last money I had in the world on your left ear!” Ha! way to tell her off Liz! In the car Jessica apologizes but Mrs. Wakefield only lectures Jess about responsibility.

Alone with Mrs. Bramble in her front room Jessica tearfully apologizes again before breaking down and confessing everything to the sweet kindly old lady: the forbidden Johnny Buck concert, the lost birthday earring, the $25 now blown on an evening she hadn’t even enjoyed and even her true feelings about dogs! Mrs. B pats her shoulder as Jessica sobs wishing she’d never even heard of  "The Buck". 
Oatmeal squares, tea, and sympathy all around as Mrs. B confesses about the time when SHE was a girl she went behind her mother’s back with a friend and they hennaed their hair and pierced their ears. Shocking! Jessica is so in awe she can’t believe anyone could stoop as low as her that way and agrees to walk Sally for one month to repay the money she owes.  Here is one rare time Jessica does NOT get off scott free.

So no one but Liz and Mrs. B. ever found out about Jessica sneaking out to attend the Johnny Buck concert. Jessica returns home and burns every single Johnny Buck item she owns in the tub. Ok she doesn't but that’s what I would’ve done. Instead a truly contrite Jessica returns the striped cap to
Elizabeth and presents Mrs. Bramble’s gift of a pretty bracelet of six slender black and silver bands held together with a silver catch for Mrs. Wakefield’s birthday present instead of keeping it for herself. Yay Jess!
The story wraps up when the twins see themselves reflected in the mirror one dressed smartly in a beige dress and jacket with loose flowing hair, the other in jeans and a pullover, hair in a casual fluff with brightly colored barrettes-identical but different. They giggle at themselves like a couple of two year olds and Jessica’s halo of repentance quickly disappears as she’s suddenly begging Liz to help her carry all of the dog stuff back to their owners. Elizabeth just laughs because now she knows she’s got her crazy scheming sister back and know what? She’ll keep her!
And that’s the way the story ends until Jessica brings up the subject of their “disgusting” new neighbor…