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23 September 1974
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Sweet Valley holds a special place in my heart. Finding this community was one of the best things that happened to me. I was introduced to Sweet Valley Twins around my twelfth birthday when I recieved Best Friends and Secrets in the mail as birthday gifts from my cousin. I was immediately hooked. Beverly Cleary and the Little House Books also topped my list of favorite authors at that time. Sweet Valley doesn't exactly fall into their league, I know, but the 80's will always be linked in my mind with all those books. I read them over and over again until I knew many passages by heart both Sweet Valley and Ramona and Laura Ingalls too!
I was a lonely soul. I wasn't pretty or popular or self confident like the heroines in my books. I was insecure. My parents marriage was disfunctional and as a result we moved a lot until I turned 14. I'd try and make new friends at new schools but quickly came to rely on books instead. No matter how often we moved, I could always take my treasured dog-eared paperbacks with me.
I've been scribbling since I was 12. I have notebooks filled with silly stories, most of them still unfinished. Recapping Sweet Valley books has been a wonderful release as well providing a teriffic writing exercise.